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EndNote: Help

A guide to using EndNote, your new favorite citation manager!


EndNote FAQs

What citation styles can I use with EndNote?

  • EndNote has thousands of citation styles, but always double-check that your citations are correct when using Cite While You Write. EndNote is far from perfect, especially when there have been recent changes to citation style guidelines.

What is Cite While You Write? 

  • It's the EndNote plug-in for Microsoft Word. It should download along with EndNote. If not, you can download the plug-in from EndNote Online. You can find the plug-in at the top of your Word document, in the row with "Home" and "References." More instructions on using the plug-in can be found under the How Do I...? tab.

When does my EndNote library sync?

  • Your library will sync every 15 minutes if you selected the automatic sync option. EndNote will warn you if you try to close your library before it has synced. Each time you make a change in EndNote Online, it syncs immediately. 

Can I search databases in EndNote?

  • You can search some, like the Library of Congress, in the "Online Mode" tab of EndNote, but for most Duquesne databases, you'll have to search in your browser and download the citations from there. 

Can I use EndNote after I've written citations manually in my paper?

  • You cannot use EndNote to organize citations you've manually entered. You can mix manual and EndNote citations in one paper. However, you cannot edit the manual citations using the EndNote functions. It's best to use EndNote for all of your citations. You can manually enter a citation into EndNote to cite it with the EndNote plug-in.

Can I delete a PDF from my computer once I've attached it to my EndNote citation?

  • Yes, but be careful not to delete it from your My EndNote file! 

Why won't EndNote find the full text of an article I know we have?

  • For some databases, like EBSCOhost and JSTOR, find full text does not work. You can click on the link in the article (if you're on-campus) or search the article title in DUQSearch and click on "PDF Full text," then download the PDF to attach it manually to your citation.

I have 1,000+ citations on different topics. How can I organize them?

  • Use smart groups to organize your citations by keywords/author/journal/etc. Each time you add more citations into your library, they will automatically be filed into these groups, if applicable.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

  • Visit and click "forgot password?" to have a reset email sent to you. Just remember to update your new password in your desktop EndNote application before adding any new citations, or else you may lose them!

How long can I keep EndNote?

  • You can keep EndNote as long as you are a Duquesne-affiliated user. After graduation, continue using EndNote Online ( for free. It has less functionality than the desktop version, but still includes Cite While You Write and stores up to 50,000 citations and 2GB of citation attachments. Transferring institutions? Call EndNote Support to transfer your files over to your new institution.

Need Help?

IT Service Desk (download issues)

  • 412.396.HELP

EndNote Customer Support (technical issues)

Gumberg Library (training)

Cloud Services and Flash Drives

Make sure your working copy is saved to your computer. You can copy a backup file to the Cloud, but don't save your working copy to any of the services listed below, as the way that they save files conflicts with the syncing process and items will be lost. If you want to use a backup file, download it back onto your computer.

  • Amazon Cloud
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Office 365
  • Sharepoint
  • SkyDrive
  • SugarSync
  • Flash Drives