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Sierra How-To Guide: Checked-Out Items

Left Tab Display

Within the Check Out menu, you may review a user's checked out items and renew materials.

Select the Checked Out Items tab in the left options.

Checked Out Items

Checked out items: If a user has items checked out, the items will be listed in the account. Information such as title, barcode, and due date will display.

Sorting: Items can be sorted by due date by clicking the header. An arrow will appear by the header. This will ensure when renewing that nothing is missed.

Overdues and charges: Overdue fines and replacement charges will appear in the "Fines" tab on the left side of the page. Before patrons pay anything, please encourage them to email the library at to confirm their charges are correct. If so, patrons can only pay via credit card online.

Renewing: For detailed information on renewing,  click here. Items can be renewed directly from the Checked-Out Items tab. To do this, click the check box next to the title to be renewed, then click on the Renew button at the top. Information on how long patrons can renew an item can be found under the "For Students" and "For Faculty & Staff" sections

You will get a confirmation that the item has renewed. 

Next, let's look at holds.