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Sierra How-To Guide: Looking Up Users

Looking Up Users

Barcode: The easiest way to look up a user is to use the card swipe attached to the circulation terminal. However, sometimes a user may not have his Duquesne ID with him. In that case, if he has another form of photo ID you can do a simple name search.

Search by last name: type an "n" then the name you are looking for. You cannot search by first name only.

In this example, we're looking up a test account. To do this search, type "ntest" in the search box and press the Search button.

If there are multiple accounts,  all users will appear. You can use the data provided to select the correct user. 

In this case, we'll select the second user, the Undergraduate Test account. When selected, the patron information at the top will be populated.

In certain situations, you may need to bring up the account of someone you just helped. Sierra allows us to look up recent users.