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A guide on the resources available in ClinicalKey


ClinicalKey gives you access to the latest issues of over 650 academic journals published by Elsevier. This includes both clinical and pre-clinical journals from many different medical disciplines such as cardiac surgery, microbiology, nursing, and public health.


Browsing Journals

You can browse ClinicalKey's full list of online journals by selecting their Journals collection located on their homepage.

  • Journals are presented alphabetically but can be filtered for a specific specialty or by searching for a title:

ClinicalKeys browsing through journal list

  • Select a journal to be taken to its list of published volumes and issues to browse
  • Search for specific material inside the journal with the search bar located underneath its title
  • When signed into your account, save links to journals and subscribe to journals to receive notifications about new issues:

ClinicalKey list of issues published from an academic journal

  • Within each issue is a list of the articles published:

  • Within each article, the side navigation will allow you to jump to a specific section:

ClinicalKeys full text journal article

  • You can read articles online or download them as a PDF to read offline if you are signed into your account

How can I find full text options?

You will need to be signed into your account to access the full text for available articles and excerpts.

  • You can access the full-text PDF for available articles directly from the results page by clicking on the Adobe PDF icon:

ClinicalKeys full-text option of a PDF

  • After clicking into the article, you can access the full text through the same PDF icon located near the article title:

  • If the full text for an article is not available through ClinicalKey, make sure to check Full Text Finder for other availability options:

Text finder in ClinicalKey


Gumberg library also offers several tools and guides to make navigating full text options easier which include: