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A guide on the resources available in ClinicalKey


ClinicalKey provides access to thousands of drug monographs as well as drug class overviews to support practitioners with their point of care decisions. For more drug information, you can review Gumberg's Drug Information Resources guide.


Drug Monographs

Drug monographs are documents that include information about a drug's description, precautions, adverse reactions, pharmacokinetics, and more.

  • If you browse, you can use a drug's generic name to filter results:

Browsing drug monographs in ClinicalKey

  • If you search, you can use brand names to find information on your drug of interest:

Drug monograph search for Advil in ClinicalKey

Drug Class Overviews

Drugs are categorized into classes based their therapeutic use, and drug class overviews are documents that summarize the most important information practitioners would want to know at the point of care. Overviews in ClinicalKey provide information about the drug class's pharmacology, therapeutic use, comparative efficiency, adverse reactions, drug interactions, and more.

  • You can browse drug class overviews if you know the name of the drug class

Browsing ClinicalKey's drug class overviews for NSAIDs

  • You can also search for the generic name for a drug and select the "Drug Class" type in the search bar

ClinicalKey search for ibuprofen with "Drug Class" type resource filter in search bar