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A guide on the resources available in ClinicalKey

Persistent Linking

Faculty may want to share journal articles, book chapters, and videos from ClinicalKey with their students, however simply coping and pasting the web address to these materials will not be enough. ClinicalKey refers to persistent linking as "durable links." If you want to learn more about sharing links to academic resources, visit Gumberg's Persistent Links guide.

Find a resource you want to link to in ClinicalKey:

1. Look up the  book, book chapter, journal, video, etc. under "Durable URLs" on the Clinical Key Implementation Site

2. Copy the URL listed on the relevant spreadsheet:

3. Navigate to the Open Athens Link Navigator and make certain you are using the Duquesne University site:

4. Paste the full URL into the box and then Copy the OpenAthens Link:

Image of OpenAthens Link Generator

5. Paste the link into Canvas or wherever you would like to use it.