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A guide on the resources available in ClinicalKey

Other Resources

ClinicalKey provides other point of care tools to support medical professionals in their health care delivery. These resources include thousands of patient education handouts, over a hundred clinical calculators, and the latest clinical trials.


Patient Education Handouts

Patient recovery often continues beyond the clinic, and it can be beneficial to provide patients with reliable information about their medical situation with clear instructions on how they should continue to take care of themselves. You can browse these handouts, but it is recommended that you try using a search for your subject of interest instead.

  • Select "Patient Education" type and search for your subject of interest:

ClinicalKey search for patient education resources about chickenpox

  • Select the patient handout you think is most appropriate and find the print option on the right:

Example of patient education handout in ClinicalKey for chickenpox

  • Customize the handout with any additional instructions or information for your patient:

Option in ClinicalKey to add more information or instructions to patient education handout

  • Provide your contact information and click "Create Printable PDF" to download the file to your device:

Option in ClinicalKey to provide contact information on patient education handout

  • Print or email your handout to the patient

Clinical Calculators

Clinical calculators are interactive tools that help practitioners in their health care decisions with evidence-based information. You can browse or search ClinicalKey's calculators. There are different types of calculators with some providing outcome probabilities based on certain decision points while others help calculate the right drug dosage for a patient.

  • Select "Clinical Calculators" type in the search bar and search for your subject of interest:

ClinicalKey search for hepatitis C with "clinical calculators" resource type selected

  • Review the results for the calculator you think is most appropriate and follow its step by step instructions
  • Outcome Tree calculators provide outcome probabilities based the patients health information:

Hepatitis C Outcome Tree clinical calculator provided in ClinicalKey

  • Drug calculators can help calculate dosages or run a toxicity assessment for overdoses:

Toxicity Assessment clinical calculator provided in ClinicalKey

  • You can find more useful calculators on ClinicalKey

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that test medical procedures and interventions on people to see if the treatment, drugs, or devices are safe and beneficial to implement as standard procedure. These studies aim to improve health care delivery through evidenced-based practice, and are an important resource for medical professionals to find quickly and easily.

  • Select the "Clinical Trails" type and search for your subject of interest:

ClinicalKey search for clinical trials on salmonella

  • Clinical trials include summaries on the purpose of the study, the criteria and eliglibility of the participants included, and contact information to find out more about the study:

Clinical trial study example in ClinicalKey