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A guide on the resources available in ClinicalKey

Clinical Overviews & Guidelines

You can use ClinicalKey to access hundreds of clinical overviews and thousands of practice guidelines.


Clinical Overviews

Clinical overviews are concise summaries the most current, evidence-based information. They are documents peer-reviewed and written by clinicians for clinicians.

  • You can browse through all clinical overviews with filters for specialties:

Browsing clinical overviews in ClinicalKey

  • You can also search for your subject with the "Clinical Overviews" type filter selected:

"Clinical Overviews" content type search for HIVD in ClinicalKey


Guidelines provide recommendations for the care of patients with specific conditions. They can appear in books, journals, and other media, and are typically based on best available evidence and expert, consensus opinion.

  • Select the "Guidelines" filter and search for you subject of interest:

Guideline content type search in ClinicalKey

  • You will be able to further filter your results with by specialty with the sidebar
  • While browsing is possible, it is recommended that you conduct a search if you do not know the exact title of the guideline