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A guide on the resources available in ClinicalKey


ClinicalKey offers millions of supplemental images and thousands of videos to support the medical education of students and the health care delivery of practitioners. Procedure videos are also available to give relevant, reliable information to medical professionals.


Images & Videos

You can browse images and videos under Multimedia on the homepage, but it is recommended that you use a search to help filter your results.

  • Select the Multimedia type and search for your subject of interest:

  • You can further filter your results for only images or only videos
  • Select your media and click into it to find a description and information about the source material
  • Images:

  • Videos:

Video for osteoporosis in ClinicalKey

  • You can find links to all videos included in a book by looking in its table of contents which will have a separate tab for video content as well as a chapter often titled "List of Videos":

  • You can also download the "Book Chapter URLs" from ClinicalKey's Implementation resource guide and search for these "List of Videos" book chapters

Procedure Videos

Procedure videos include a demonstration video as well as summarizing notes on the injury or disease, equipment, instructions, post-procedure care, potential complications, and more. While these videos are considered multimedia, they are not included in the results for a multimedia search.

  • Select the "Procedure Videos" type from the dropdown menu and search for your subject of interest:

Example search for procedure video media type for ClinicalKey

  • Procedure Videos:

ClinicalKey procedure video example 

Presentation Maker

After you create your account, you can also insert images from ClinicalKey into your presentations.

  • Locate the Presentation Maker icon for your desired media:

ClinicalKey Presentation Maker icon to grab image media for presentations

  • Add the media to one of your saved presentations or create a new presentation:

Adding image media to an existing or new presentation in ClinicalKey Presentation Maker

  • All of your presentations can be found under "Presentations" in the dropdown menu for your account in the top right:

ClinialKey account drop down menu

  • Export your presentation
  • The exported slides will include an Elsevier/ClinicalKey template:

Elsevier's logos in the slide background of exported presentation

  • If you prefer, you can copy and paste the slides into your own templates