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What is BrowZine? 

  • BrowZine is an online catalog of electronic journals and articles from multiple publishers, all in one website
  • BrowZine makes browsing digital sources easier
  • With BrowZine you have easy access to thousands of scholarly journals from multiple publishers in one place
  • You can find journals by subject or category 
    • With an account personalize your own digital bookshelf to track your saved journals and remain up to date on each publication

What makes BrowZine different?

BrowZine enables you to create your own personal library that keeps you up-to-date on the latest publications.

BrowZine has a vast catalog of thousands of journals. Sorted by subject and category, you are able to save and read publications off-line once you create an account. 

You have an easier navigation of Gumberg Library's journals and articles in BrowZine. Whether you are browsing by subject or searching for a more specialized resource, BrowZine takes you to what is immediately available.