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Theology & Religion: Collected Research Guides: Welcome!


Welcome to this collective research guide on the subjects of Religion & Theology. Click an image to visit a particularly guide. If you are on a phone, turn your phone sideways for better viewing. If you find this guide helpful, but are looking for more information, scroll to the bottom for links to other related collective guides. At the bottom, you will also learn how to get help with your research.

Theology Resources

Bible Study Tools

Thomas Aquinas

Atheism and Agnosticism

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Black Theology

Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Icons: A Research Guide

The Jewish Jesus

Interfaith Relations: Collected Research Guides

Liberation Theology

Martin Luther: His Life and Theology


Thomas Merton



Reformation and Counter-Reformation

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Saint Francis and the Fransciscans

Saint John Henry Newman

Saint Paul the Apostle 

The Spiritans

Sustainability: Theology & Philosophy

Vatican II

Women and Religion 

Women Mystics

World Religions

Credits & Help

Need Help?

If at any time you need help with using Gumberg Library resources, please contact Ted Bergfelt, Humanities Librarian, via email or by phone at 412-426-5430, 8:30 am-4:30 pm ET, Monday-Friday. If he is not available, Ask Gumberg

This guide was created by Alivia Austin, English Department Intern, and Ted Bergfelt, Humanities Librarian, September 2023