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Women and Religion: Home

Learn about the roles of women in the major world religions

"Magdalen with the Smoking Flame," by Georges de La Tour. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons

This research guide was created to quickly connect Gumberg Library users to information sources on women in the major world religions. It also will link users to resources on social and religious issues of concern to women.

Help is Available!

If at any time in your research you need help, Ask Gumberg. Or you can contact me, Ted Bergfelt, creator of this page. Click to send an email, or you can call me at 412.396.5351.

This site will be retired on June 21, 2022

A great electronic resource for biblical studies is Oxford Biblical Studies Online. This database contains six study Bibles (published by Oxford University Press), and about a dozen authoritative reference works, including encyclopedias and concordances, one of these being the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Gender Studies.

It contains the text of the Catholic Study Bible, 2nd edition, which can be read by multiple users at the same time. This study Bible uses the New American Bible translation as the basis of the work.

To use Oxford Biblical Studies Online, you will need to give your Multipass username and password when you click the link to access it.

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Video Introduction to Oxford Biblical Studies Online


To use these Ebooks, please enter your Multipass username and password when you are prompted.

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