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This collective guide brings together a number of separate research guides on various aspects of Interfaith Relations, including two guides on Interfaith Dialogue, six guides on various aspects of different faith traditions, and three on important individuals.

A word on the arrangement of items on this guide. The first grouping of guides is on Interfaith Dialogue, the next on various aspects of different faith traditions, and the third on important individuals. Within each grouping, the guides are alphabetically arranged. To see the guides in proper order, start at the top of the left hand column and read down. When you get to the bottom, move back up to the top and scroll down through the items in the right hand column.

Photo of Dr. Marinus Iwuchukwu

Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Marinus Iwuchukwu (1963-2023), chair of the Department of Theology, Duquesne University, from 2016-2022, and the founder of the Christian-Muslim Dialogue at Duquesne University.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette obituary

Antisemitism & the Holocaust

Screenshot Antisemitism & the Holocaust Research Guide

Charles de Foucauld: Universal Brother

Screenshot Charles de Foucauld Research Guide

Christian-Muslim Dialogue at Duquesne

Screenshot of the Christian-Muslim Dialogue Research Guide

Islamic Philosophy

Screenshot Islamic Philosophy Research Guide

Islamic Studies

Screenshot Islamic Studies Research Guides

Jewish Studies

Screenshot of Jewish Studies Research Guide

Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue

Screenshot of the Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue Research Guide

Thomas Merton

Screenshot Thomas Merton Research Guide


Screenshot Rumi Research Guide

Who is a Jew? Amiens, France, 1942

Screenshot for Who is a Jew? Amiens, France Research Guide

World Religions

Screenshot World Religions Research Guide

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