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Islamic Philosophy: A Research Guide: Home


Miniature of Avicenna. Artist unknown. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Finding Full Text

Many Gumberg Library databases supply not only bibliographic citations for articles, but full text as well. To learn how to know if full text is available in any our our resources, click the link below.

Need help?

If you need help with research on this or any other topic,  Ask Gumberg.

You can also contact me, Ted Bergfelt, creator of this page. I am the library's liaison to the Theology Department. The best way to reach me with a question is via email

Introduction: Islamic Philosophy

Between the 9th and 12 centuries, philosophers in the Islamic world discovered and responded to the thinking of Aristotle and the ancient Greeks. They synthesized those ideas with concepts from their religion and culture to create original works of philosophy which exerted great influence on medieval Christian thinkers, particularly Thomas Aquinas.

This research guide is designed to connect you with resources in the Gumberg Library collection (and beyond) for the study of Islamic philosophy and philosophers. It will point you to appropriate encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other types of reference works for basic information, books for in-depth information, and journal articles. Links to high-quality websites are also provided.

Reference Works

Reference works are great places to get basic information on a topic, Islamic philosophy and philosophers included. Some of the works listed below are printed books. These all have call numbers and locations listed for them. Others are electronically available. To access these, just click on the title. If you try to access them off campus, you will be asked for your Multipass username and password. Once you enter these things, you will be able to read the books wherever you may be.

Find Books

Find Journal Articles

Click on a database name below to enter and search that journal database. If you want to use them off-campus, you will need to enter your Multipass username and password, when you click on the link.