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Who is a Jew? Amiens, France 1940-1945: Home

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An Exhibition and Presentation by Dr. David Rosenberg

Presentation: January 27, 2022, 6:30 pm

Exhibit: January10-February 4, 2022, Gumberg Library, 4th Floor

Until 1940, there were no official French government records to indicate who was a Jew. When the German armies occupied France, they issued a law requiring all Jews to register with the police or local government official on pain of fine or imprisonment or confiscation of property. Throughout the Occupation the authorities constructed numerous lists and files to track  the movements of Jews in and out of their jurisdictions. 

Curated by Dr. David Rosenberg, a Pittsburgh archivist and scholar, this exhibition presents images of individual file cards compiled in 1942 by the police in Amiens and by local government officials elsewhere in the Department of the Somme. Visitors may also view brief videos on some of the individuals represented in the exhibition. 

Dr. Rosenberg's research, media coverage, and images are available at his website Jews of the Somme.

To commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Dr. Rosenberg will present The Making of 'Who is a Jew?': A Tale of Two Cities and the Challenges of Bringing a Troubling Holocaust History Home on Thursday January 27th at 6:30 p.m. (campus location to be determined).

The exhibit and presentation are free and open to the public.