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Rumi: Home

A Gumberg Library research guide

Photo of a 23 meter high statue of Rumi

This research guide will connect you to introductory articles from reference works, print books and ebooks, databases for articles, and other information sources on Rumi, full name Jalal al Din Rumi (1207-1273), the most famous Islamic poet, whose works are still read by lovers of poetry, mystics, and those involved in interreligious dialogue between the three Abrahamic faiths, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

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Listen to the "Rumi's Poetry" episode of In Our Time, BBC Radio 4

Mevlana and The Whirling Dance, Directed by Semra Sander

"Mevlana" (meaning "my/our master") is a term of honor extended to Rumi by his disciples

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