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Historical Health Care Policy Research: Periodicals

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On these pages you will find Newspaper/Periodical databases and online resources that provide access to current and historical issues of major news publications.  
Newspapers and periodicals can act as both primary and secondary sources for historical research.  To determine if an article in a newspaper is primary or secondary focus on how you intend to use the article.  For example, if you are researching American responses to health care legislation and an article discusses American reactions to the passing of particular health care legislation then it would be primary; if the article discusses the legislative history that led to the passage of a new law then the article would be secondary. 
If you are accessing a databases off-campus, you will be required to input your Multipass credentialls.



Guide developed by Gumberg Library detailing where to access and how to use newspapers in research.
Guide developed by Gumberg Library detailing how to find newspaper and periodical sources.
Guide developed by Harvard University detailing how to use newspapers in research.