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Systematic Reviews

A guide directing researchers on the systematic review process. Layout based on Doing a Systematic Review: A Student's Guide, 2nd Edition, by Angela Boland, M. Gemma Cherry, and Rumona Dickson.

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Other Guides to Consult

See the following library guides available at Gumberg for additional information pertaining to systematic reviews and evidence syntheses.

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) or Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) uses the best current research evidence to support clinical decisions in patient health care.

An informational guide on where to locate clinical practice guidelines.

Covidence is a systematic review tool that aids with review management and collaboration.

A guide on how to examine research critically to determine value and trustworthiness of researchers' claims.

A guide to writing and registering a protocol for two common scholarly literature reviews.

This guide provides help to students in navigating the database Embase to conduct literature reviews.

A guide to using EndNote, your new favorite citation manager!

A guide providing background on grey literature - what is it, why do we use it, and where to find it.

A guide to help you search the Health Sciences literature.

A guide providing video examples of how to search health sciences literature at Duquesne.

Another type of literature review or evidence synthesis a researcher could conduct is an integrative review.

A how-to on organizing research articles for a literature review. Provides example matrixes.

A guide introducing the process of conducting a scoping review.