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Systematic Reviews

A guide directing researchers on the systematic review process. Layout based on Doing a Systematic Review: A Student's Guide, 2nd Edition, by Angela Boland, M. Gemma Cherry, and Rumona Dickson.

Screening References


Inclusion and Exclusion

Depending on the review, searches conducted may identify thousands of sources. Use Covidence to streamline the process and facilitate team collaboration.

  • Duplicate removal
    • Covidence removes duplicates as references are imported into the review project
  • Title and abstract screening
    • Covidence enables team members to review inclusion and exclusion criteria during the screening process
    • Covidence facilitates team-based review
    • Studies falling outside of the inclusion criteria are removed
  • Full text review
    • Full text of articles are provided by Gumberg Library in many cases, but not all
      • If we don't have full text, you can access materials through an interlibrary loan (Log in with your MultiPass to submit a request)
    • Once full text is obtained, this can be uploaded to Covidence to facilitate review
    • Covidence prompts to provide exclusion criteria when necessary

Note: Covidence records all this data in a draft PRISMA chart that can be later used when writing the review manuscript.