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Health Sciences Searching Videos: Gumberg Library

This guide is a collection of links to videos that cover different techniques for searching the health sciences literature.

Gumberg Library Quick Links

How to watch the videos

The following five videos all provide basic, but vital, information on different techniques for searching the health sciences literature. You can either watch them from top to bottom, or pick and choose which topic you would like to cover. They are meant to provide a helpful reminder of why and how to access and use two of the most commonly accessed controlled vocabularies.

Health Sciences Searching Videos

Why Use Controlled Vocabulary

This video describes why it is important to use vocabulary for targeted searches.

MeSH Basics

This video describes how to access and use Medical Subject Headings in your search of PubMed.

Narrowing with MeSH

This video shows further techniques to use functions of the MeSH database in order to narrow a search.

CINAHL Subject Headings

This video is an introduction to searching and using CINAHL's controlled vocabulary of subject headings.

CINAHL Advanced Features

This video highlights further features of CINAHL's Subject Heading database that allows you to further narrow or broaden your search.

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