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ReShare/EZBorrow How-To Guide: Returning a Completed Request

Returning a Completed Request

When we process a completed request, this means that the patron has been:

  • Requested the item from another academic library 
  • The item was shipped to Gumberg Library and "received" in ReShare
  • The item has been "checked out" to the patron in Sierra
  • The patron has now returned the item, and it has been "checked in" in Sierra. The item should have a "RETURNED" stamp on the blue Palci band. Now we process the item in Reshare to complete the request in all systems, and prepare it to be shipped back to it's home library. 

1. Open the Request tab in Reshare. Scan the Request number to open the request. 

2. Select the request that was just scanned 

3. Scan the request number to mark the request "returned by patron." A message reading "Successfully marked request returned by patron" should appear. 

4. Scan the request number to mark the request "return shipped." A message reading "Successfully marked request return shipped" should appear. 

5. You have now successfully completed this request in Reshare. Highlight the IDS number belonging to the lending academic library (not IDS 124) and sort the item onto the shipping table in the Circulation office by IDS number.