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ReShare/EZBorrow How-To Guide: Receiving a New Request

Receiving a New Request in Reshare

Receiving a new item in ReShare means that Gumberg Library's patron has requested an item from one of our partnering libraries, and that item has now been shipped to Duquesne. We process the items in ReShare to confirm that we have received the item in our shared systems, and also to notify our patron that their item is ready to pick-up at the library. 

1. Open the Request tab and scan the request number.













2. Select the request that was just scanned.

3. Scan the request number. A message stating "you have successfully marked this request as received" should appear at the bottom of the screen. Do not scan the request number again, as this will mark in the system that the item has been returned. 

**If you experience issues with receiving this new request, we can create an item record manually in Sierra, and contact the lending/supplying library to notify them that their item has arrived/will be given to our patron. We must create an item record in order to keep track of the item on the patron's Sierra record. **













4. You have successfully processed this request, and our patron has now been sent an automatically generated notice that their item is ready to pick-up. If you close this window, you'll see that the request is now in the state called "In local circulation process."

5. This item can now be placed on the Holdshelf in the Circulation Office. When the patron comes to pick up the item, we will then check the item out in Sierra to them. Sierra is connected to their general library account, so this way they can monitor all of the items they have, and receive late notices and such.