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ReShare/EZBorrow How-To Guide: Creating a Request Manually (Request)

Creating a Request Manually

If a patron encounters an issue with placing a request through EZBorrow, we can place a request through ReShare manually, on the patron's behalf. To place a manual request:

Step 1. In the "Request" tab, select the "New" button

Step 2. You will now see fields to input the request info. Enter the patron's information in the "Requesting user," "Date needed," "Pick-up location," and "Volume" (if applicable), and a note as to why the patron had an issue/why you are placing the request manually. 

Step 3. Before entering citation information, select "Populate from shared index." This field allows us to search the catalogues of other libraries, and automatically input the citation information. This is the most accurate way to ensure the request is filled. 

Step 4. Type in the title of the item you are placing a manual request for. Select "Search."

Step 5. Select the title of the item the matches what the the patron was initially searching for.

Step 6. The request information will automatically import into the corresponding fields. Select "Create patron request" in the upper right corner of the page. 

No other action is needed. The system will assign a lender for the item, and will go through each possible lender until the item is filled. If the request cannot be filled, the patron will receive an "end of rotation" email, directing them to use ILLiad. 

If you see the option "Fill locally," this means that Gumberg Library owns the item. Be sure to check our stacks first if you see this, as we can get the item to our patron faster this way. If we own the item, you can then cancel the request you just created. 

This process can also be viewed in this video tutorial