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Finding Scores in the Library

From Gumberg Library's homepage, type in your search (e.g., choral music) and click on the Search button: 

On the left side of the Search Results page, scroll down to "Limit by Source Type", click on Show More, and select Music Scores. Then click the Update button:


Tips for Finding Scores

Use opus or thematic catalog numbers (like BWV 232 and K.551) to narrow your search. 

When looking for compositions with a generic title (sonata, symphony, concerto, trio, etc.), you can truncate your search or add a wildcard character.

  • Truncation: Shortening a search word and adding * or ? at the end will allow PacifiCat to retrieve singular, plural, and variant spellings. For example, Sonat* will retrieve sonata, sonatas, sonatina, Sonaten, etc.
  • Wildcards (or, how do you spell “Tchaikovsky” again?) An asterisk * or ? can replace any number of letters at the beginning, middle, or end of a word. For example, tch?sky andsymph? will retrieve Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.4.
  • Combined (Boolean) Searching with AND and OR: Combine words using ANDand OR. AND will narrow your search while OR will broaden it.
    • Rodgers AND Hammerstein will retrieve records with both names
    • Rodgers OR Hammerstein will retrieve records with either one or both names

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