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Music Library Resources: The Paul Hindemith Collection

Finding Aids

Collection Memorabilia

Materials from the collection. Displayed in the Phenomenology Center.


This was the pull-out shelf of Karl Bauer's desk at Associated Music Publishers in NYC. Every time Hindemith came into the office, he drew another animal, relating to the Hindemiths' trip cross country. Karl first drew the small animal in the upper left corner. All the rest were added by HIndemith, dedicated "to the Pubs" (his nickname for his associates at AMP) and signed, "Paul the Painter."

Christmas Postcards Drawn by Hindemith

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Hindemith sketched holiday postcards for family and friends


There is a lion sketched into the design of many of the postcards. Who does it represent?

Gertrude Hindemith, his wife!

Paul Hindemith Collection

The Hindemith collection consists of letters, postcards, pamphlets, musical scores, programs, newspapers, photographs, books, a puzzle, and a piece of a desk. The earliest date in the collection is 1881, however the majority of the collection ranges from 1943-1964. 

Paul Hindemith was attended the Hochsche Konservatorium in Frankfurt where he studied music and composition. In 1929, he founded the Amar Quartet where he played the viola, and toured all over Europe. He was not well liked in his home country of Germany. The Nazis deemed his music degenerate and Joseph Goebbels denounced his work on December 6, 1934. This publicity made anti-Nazi states start to support him. He traveled in 1935 to Turkey to reorganize the music education system and prepared the material for the "Universal and Turkish Polyphonic Music Education Programme" for all music related institutions in Turkey.

In 1940 he immigrated with his wife to the United States, as while he was not Jewish, she was. He taught at Yale University and held the Charles Eliot Norton Chair at Harvard. While he became a United State citizen in 1946, by 1953 he had returned to Europe and taught University in Zurich. In 1962 he won the Balzan Prize.

He died December 28th, 1963 in Frankfurt from acute pancreatitis.

Dedication of Paul Hindemith Collection Held in 2007

Robert Shankovich and Carolyn Bruno Shankovich (donors)

Dean Edward Kocher (left) and President Charles Dougherty (right)

Photos of Paul Hindemith

Christmas Postcard Sketches

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like to see the collections in person, please feel free to contact us.

Terra Merkey, Music Librarian
Phone: 412-396-1542

Thomas White, University Archivist and Curator of Special Collections
Phone: 412-396-4870

Hindemith as Composer

Robert Shaw and Paul Hindemith

Hindemith as Conductor

Paul Hindemith's Signature

More Christmas Postcards