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Phenomenology Resources: Professional Societies

Professional Societies

      Heidegger Heidegger

                                        Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

British Society for Phenomenology

Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy

Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology

Dutch-Flemish Levinas Society

Edith Stein Circle

                              Husserl Circle

                              International Society for Phenomenological Studies

                              Merleau-Ponty Circle

                              Nordic Society for Phenomenology (NSP)

                              North American Levinas Society

                              North American Society for Philosophical Hermeneutics

                              Phenomenology Research Center   

                              Phenomenology Round Table          

                              Romanian Society for Phenomenology

                              Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy

                    Society for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences

                              Society for Ricoeur Studies

                              World Phenomenology Institute

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