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Phenomenology Resources: Primary Sources

Primary Sources

Erwin Straus Straus

Accessing many of these electronic works off campus will require that you authenticate with your MultiPass user name and password. You may need to have cookies enabled on your computer to view them.

                                   Aristotle, Complete Works

                                   Continental Rationalists

                                   Dewey, John, Collected Works 1882-1953

                                   Hannah Arendt Papers

                                   Hegel, Oxford University Press Translations

                                   Hegel, Werke

                                   Husserl Archives

                                   Jan Patocka Archive

                                   Kant, Hauptwerke

                                   Kant, Philosophische Briefe und Vorlesungnachschriften

                                   Kierkegaard, Journals and Papers

                                   Kierkegaard, Samlede Vaerker

                                   Marx and Engels, Collected Works

                                   Merleu-Ponty, Basic Writings

                                   Nietzsches Werke, Historisch-Kritische Ausgabe

                                   Past Masters

                                   Plato, Collected Dialogues

                                   Plato Dialogues

                                   Wittengenstein, Collected Works

                                   Wittengenstein, Published Works

                                   Wittgenstein's Nachlass, The Bergen Electronic Edition