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Patient and Healthcare Professional Narratives

This guide discusses the importance of healthcare narratives and directs users to the appropriate resources to learn more about them.

Extended Reading List

Explore the selected resources and links for more recommended stories from patients about their experiences with illness and healthcare.

The Simon Silverman Center at Gumberg

If you are interested in reading more first-person experiences and books about illness narratives, you can visit The Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center which contains Gumberg's collection devoted to the phenomenological movement that was inaugurated at the turn of the century by the German philosopher Edmund Husserl, and is still ongoing today. The primary lesson that phenomenology offers to health care practitioners is that medical treatment is treatment not only or even primarily of a physical and biological organism but treatment of a living and experiencing person. 

Location: Gumberg Library, 1st Floor

Contact: 412-396-6038

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