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Patient and Healthcare Professional Narratives

This guide discusses the importance of healthcare narratives and directs users to the appropriate resources to learn more about them.

Online Resources

In addition to written works, patient and healthcare narratives are popular as lectures and other speaking opportunities. Illness can be a very personal subject, and many people prefer to tell their stories directly in their own voice. Here are some selected videos that focus on spoken illness narratives.


Dr. Xavier Amador: "I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help!"

While studying to become a clinical psychologist, Dr. Xavier Amador had a life-altering experience when his older brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. In an effort to understand and help his brother, he and his colleagues at Colombia University uncovered a new way to approach patients previously thought to be in denial.


Julia Sweenty: God Said, "Ha!"

Julia Sweeney, formerly of Saturday Night Live, describes how illness changed her life and family in this uplifting motion picture presentation of Julia's hilarious stand-up performance, God Said, "Ha!"


Alyssa Cypher: Creating New Narratives for those Affected By Mental Illness

Alyssa Cypher's work centers on building community narratives around mental illness. In this talk, she outlines her idea that anonymous storytelling can help provide an outlet, and healing, for individuals affected with a mental illness.