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Modern Languages and Literatures


Want to browse the stacks on the second floor for Arabic language and literature materials?

Try these call number ranges:

  • PJ6001-8517 Arabic Language
  • PJ6690-6697 Ancient Arabic
  • PJ6701-6901 Modern Arabic dialects
  • PJ6950-7144 South Arabian
  • PJ6950-6981 Ancient South Arabian
  • PJ7051-7144 Modern South Arabian
  • PJ7501-8517 Arabic literature
  • PJ7695.8-7796 Individual authors or works

Language Lessons, Grammar Guides, and Online Dictionaries

Simple Practice Websites

Audio, Images, Videos and more...

Newspapers, and Radio

Video Collections

  • Gumberg Library: The library has a collection of foreign language films. You can search the library catalog using the guided search feature in order to limit by language Arabic and material type DVD.
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: The Main Library in Oakland as well as some of the branch libraries have extensive foreign film collections that can be checked out.

Recommended Books

(Note: this book requires a multipass).

(Note: this book requires a multipass).

Bilingual books?

Looking for bilingual books so that you can practice your reading skills?

Try a search in Google using this search phrase:

Bilingual OR dual language books

You can also throw in a language. For example:

Bilingual OR dual language books Arabic AND English

Google Web Search