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5-Day Impact Challenge

A guide on how to increase your scholarly impact in just 5 days!

Welcome to the 5-Day Impact Challenge!

The challenge and this accompanying guide are designed to help Duquesne students, staff, and faculty members raise their scholarly profile by:

  • Improving the discoverability of your research
  • Promoting your scholarship to key stakeholders
  • Taking part in scholarly conversations using social media
  • Measuring the impact of individual publications

Take the Challenge this May!

The 5 Day Impact Challenge will be held from May 16th, 2022 through May 20th, 2022. Participants will be contacted via email daily with tips and reminders on participating. More details on the event and sign-up information is available in the form below!

Why should you be interested?

The concept of "raising your scholarly profile" might strike some scholars and researchers as being self-promoting and immodest. We don't believe that's the case.

A key part of scholarship is finding past works and integrating them into new scholarship. Thus, the process of "raising your scholarly profile" is really about taking steps to improve the likelihood that your scholarship is discovered by relevant scholars and other stakeholders.

This guide is designed to help you begin the process of raising your scholarly profile using a variety of methods. The methods that work best for your individual discipline may vary. If you have questions about the guide or about additional resources, please contact one of the guide authors.