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5-Day Impact Challenge

This site contains the activities and instructions for the 2017 5-Day Impact Challenge.

Get notified when colleagues post new research


Google Scholar

To get email updates when a colleague adds a new work, first search for them in Google Scholar. Select their profile from among the search results:

A Google Scholar screenshot showing a link to Albert Einstein's profile page

On their profile page, click the Follow button:

A screenshot of Albert Einstein's Google Scholar profile page, with an arrow pointing to the "Follow" button in the top right corner

Input your email address, select “New articles by this author,” and then click “Done”:

A screenshot of the "Follow this author" options, with the box next to "New articles by this author" checked



Use the PubMed "Create Alert" feature to track new searches. Be careful with your search, though--you might inadvertently end up getting a lot of emails!



To get updates when a colleague adds new presentations to Slideshare, first search for your colleague and select their profile. On their profile homepage, click “Follow” on the left-hand side of the profile:

A screenshot of a slideshare profile page with the follow button circled

Next, you’ll update your email preferences so you can get an email whenever they add a new presentation. Go to Account Settings > Email and select “When someone I follow uploads a Slideshare."