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5-Day Impact Challenge

A guide on how to increase your scholarly impact in just 5 days!

Publish or Perish

For an easier way of collecting your Google Scholar and Scopus citations, consider downloading the software Publish or Perish (available free for Windows and macOS).

Once you have Publish or Perish installed, you can select the button of which profile you'd like to use to search for citations. See below for the available searchable platforms:

After selecting a platform, you can search for a profile by name. If you're looking for a specific article or publication, those specifications can also be searched for. Once you search for a profile, the program will outline every article including that profile as an author, and sorts automatically by number of citations, like the example below.

In addition to this list, searching a profile will automatically generate several citation metrics that can be copied or saved. These options can be used to create a citation report, or can be saved into other formats such as a CSV, JSON, or shared to platforms such as EndNote or Microsoft Excel. This citation metrics section appears at the top right corner of the screen, as shown below.

As previously mentioned, this tool is a quick and painless way of generating your very own citation report, which can then be used as an indicator of scholarly profile.