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ClinicalKey Student

This guide will help you get started using ClinicalKey Student

Faculty Resources

ClinicalKey Student allows faculty to use the same study tools as their students with some additional features when creating tests or sharing content outside the platform. By personalizing their account for professionals, faculty can:


How to Create Reading Lists

Elsevier has provided in-depth instruction guides for faculty to learn more about building assessments and tracking student performance, but creating reading lists has not been covered in a similar guide for now. Reading lists allow instructors to assign specific sections from book chapters and case questions by sharing only one link to the curated list.

  • Find "Reading lists" in the "My Saved" drop down menu
  • Click "Create New" in the upper right and title your reading list
  • Search for the book you want to add content from:

Selecting a book to pick sections to add to a reading list in ClinicalKey Student

  • It is suggested that you have your exact book titles on hand
  • Select which chapter you want to review and jump to the sections of interest:

Selecting a chapter to explore for sections to add to a reading list in ClinicalKey Student

  • Click the "+ Add" option next to each section's header:

  • You can add multiple sections from a chapter at a time and sections from different chapters in the same session
  • Save your list and repeat this process for each book you would like to include for your list

Presentation Maker

You can insert images from ClinicalKey Student into presentations.

  • Click the "Add to presentation" link:

  • Create a new presentation or add the image to an existing presentation:

Add to presentation options in ClinicalKey Student

  • Click the "My saved" menu to see all your presentations:

  • You can then download your presentations as PowerPoint files.

Canvas Integration

Faculty can link to specific books or resources in ClinicalKey Student to their Canvas course sites. For more information on how to do this, review the resources below.

For assistance on Canvas Integration, you can reach out to EdTech as well as the Library.


Assessments in Canvas

In addition to linking to books and other resources, faculty can create assessments in ClinicalKey and push them out to students in their Canvas courses. See a step-by-step guide on how to build assessments below:

Students can then access these assessments in Canvas and be directed to CK Student.

NOTE: When completing assignments in ClinicalKey Student, students must complete them in one session. If a student decides to discontinue in the middle of the test, they will not be able to continue where they left off. Students can retake the test as long as it's before the instructor's set assignment deadline, but they will have to start from the beginning. Because of this, it's best they complete it in one session to avoid having to re-do questions they already answered.

Additionally, students can retake a submitted assignment under the Completed Assignment tab. This won’t update or replace their score on an assignment, but will allow them to continue to use it to study and improve their confidence and scores on their own. 

Getting Help from Elsevier

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