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Roman Catholicism in Western Pennsylvania: General History

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General History

German Catholic Church

Drawing of German Catholic Church

German Catholic Church, Allegheny City, PA  (Northside), 1857

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, in the public domain

General History

On this page you will find citations that deal the the general history of the Catholic church in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. All are available at the Gumberg Library, Duquesne University. Materials in the "Spiritan Collection" and the "University Archives" must be used in the library.


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See an earlier edition of Register of Fort Duquesne, 1754-1756 online


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See this thesis online (Multipass username and password required for off-campus access)


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 Coat of Arms of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Photo of the Coat of Arms of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

 Coat of Arms of the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Image source: Wikimedia Commons; created by Alekjds, used under a Creative Commons Attribution 1.0 Generic license