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Roman Catholicism in Western Pennsylvania: Bishops & Priests

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Bishops & Priests

Bishop Michael O'Connor

Drawing of Michael O'Connor

Michael O'Connor, First Bishop of Pittsburgh

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, scanned from the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, 1896; in the public domain

Biographies of Bishops and Priests

On this page you will find citations to works on past  Bishops and Priests in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Materials in the "Spiritan Collection" and the "University Archives" must be used in the library.


Collective Biographies

Glenn, Francis A. Shepherds of the Faith, 1843-1993: A Brief History of the Bishops of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA: Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, 1993. Call number: BX1417 .P5 G54x

Lambing, Andrew A. Brief Biographical Sketches of the Deceased Bishops and Priests who Labored in the Diocese of Pittsburgh from the Earliest Times to the Present, With an Historical introduction. Pittsburgh, PA: Republic Bank Note Co., 1914. Call number: BX1417 .P5 L3x


Bishops of Pittsburgh

Michael O'Connor: 1st Bishop of Pittsburgh

McAvoy, Thomas T. The Catholic Minority in Early Pittsburgh: The First Bishop, Michael O'Connor. 1961. Call number: BX4705 .O28 M3x

Szarnicki, Henry A. Michael O'Connor, the First Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh, 1843-1860: A Story of the Catholic Pioneers of Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania, 2nd ed. 2003. Call number: BX4705 .O28 S95 2003x  

Szarnicki, Henry A. The Episcopate of Michael O'Connor, First Bishop of Pittsburgh, 1843-1860. Ph.D. Thesis, Catholic University of America, 1971. Call number: BX4705 .O28 S94x

Richard Phelan, 4th Bishop of Pittsburgh

McDowell, John B. I Am Going to Tell You a Mystery: The Life of Richard Phelan, D.D., Fourth Bishop, Diocese of Pittsburgh, 1889-1904. 2001. Call number: BX4605 .P4 M3 2002x   Location: University Archives

Regis Canevin, 5th Bishop of Pittsburgh

McDowell, John B. Giants Were on the Earth in Those Days: The Life of Archbishop John Francis Regis Canevin, D.D., Fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, 1904-1920. 2000. Call number: BX4705 .C3 M3 2000x   Locations: 3rd Floor & University Archives 

Hugh Boyle, 6th Bishop of Pittsburgh

McDowell, John B. Water, Death, and Grace: The Life and Works of Hugh Charles Boyle--Priest, Pastor, Bishop, October 8, 1873-December 22, 1950. 1999. Call number: BX4705 .B8117 M396 1999x   Locations: 3rd Floor & University Archives 

John Dearden, 7th Bishop of Pittsburgh

McDowell, John B. "His Name is John": A Tribute to His Emminence John Cardinal Dearden, S.T.D., 1907-1988, Coadjutor/Bishop, Diocese of Pittsburgh, 1948-1958... 2001. Call number: BX4705 .D43 M33 2001x   Location: University Archives

Vincent Leonard, 9th Bishop of Pittsburgh

McDowell, John B. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, For Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven: The Life of the Most Reverend Vincent Martin Leonard, D.D.... 2001. Call number: BX4605 .L4 M3 2001x   Location: University Archives

Donald Wuerl, 11th Bishop of Pittsburgh

McDowell, John B. The Life of the Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl, S.T.D., Eleventh Bishop of Pittsburgh. 2005. Call number: BX4705 .W79 M33 2005x   Location: University Archives 

David Zubik, 12th Bishop of Pittsburgh

Biography of Bishop Zubik from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh website

Read a biography of Bishop Zubik

Significance of Bishop Zubik's coat-of-arms


Priests in the Diocese of Pittsburgh

James R. Cox

Witt, Sally A. Hell Was Not Made for Us: Father James R. Cox and the Catholic Church in Pittsburgh in the 1940s. M.A. Thesis, Duquesne University, 1989. Location Duq Thesis Hist 96 

See this thesis online (Multipass username and password required for off-campus access)

Charles B. Maguire

McDowell, John B. "To Dwell in the House of the Lord All the Days of My Life"...The Life of Father Charles Bonventure Maguire, OFM... 2003. Call number:BX4705 .M25895 2003X   

Charles Owen Rice

Crehan, Thomas E. Father Charles Owen Rice: Communism and Labor. M.A. Thesis, Duquesne University, 1964. Call number: Duq Thesis Hist 63  

Hoerr, John P. Harry, Tom, and Father Rice: Accusation and Betrayal in America"s Cold War. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005.  Call number: F159 .P657 H64 2005 

McGeever, Patrick J. Rev. Charles Owen Rice: Apostle of Contradiction. Pittsburgh: Duquesne UP, 1989. Call number: BX4705 .R453 M38 1989

McNulty, K.K. Is it I?: The Witness of Monsignor Charles Owen Rice. Pittsburgh: DART Corp., 1988. Call number: BX4705 .R453 M39 1988x   Call number: University Archives 

Rice, Charles Owen. Fighter With a Heart: Writings of Charles Owen Rice, Pittsburgh Labor Priest. Charles J McCollester, ed. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1996.   Call number: BX2347.8 .L3 R42 1996x