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Doctor of Pharmacy

This guide is designed to support students and faculty in Duquesne University’s Pharm.D. program.

Articles, Databases & Journals 

Use the following recommended databases to aid your research and find academic articles and literature reviews.



Professional pharmacists can work within many, varied environments. The following databases have been selected to help users navigate through research about these different contexts.

Drug Information
Healthcare Administration
Social Sciences


Additional Databases


Pharmacists develop or research drug in labPatient consulting with their doctorPeople hold a discussion at a meeting

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Full Text Options

This guide explains some of the most frequently used ways to find full text at Duquesne.

This tool will pop up in many databases and web pages and help you find full text. It takes less than one minute to setup.

Borrow From Other Libraries

There are ways of getting access to materials not available at Duquesne by contacting and borrowing from other libraries.

When Gumberg doesn’t have an article, you can order it for free electronic delivery using ILLiad.