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A guide on the resources available in AccessMedicine

What isAccessMedicine?

AccessMedicine is a mobile friendly online medical resource that provides access to integral medical textbooks, multimedia, and clinical tools!


Why Use AccessMedicine

  • You can use get authoritative clinical background information, read over 100 textbooks, access medical images and media for lectures and projects, and test your medical knowledge 

Book Highlights

  • You can use the search box to simultaneously search across content in all textbooks
  • You can add a link in Blackboard or your lecture to textbooks, book chapters or multimedia
  • You can view an exportable list of textbooks

Other AccessMedicine Highlights

Searching AccessMedicine

  • Use the search box to find resources or books on a topic in AccessMedicine

search box

  • Modify your search by adding additional terms or searching by title, author, or ISBN

modify search with additional term button circled

  • Filter your search by format, textbook, or topic

Filter by format   filter by topic or textbook