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McGraw-Hill Access Collections

A guide on the resources available in Gumberg Library's McGraw-Hill Access Collections

Benefits of Creating an Access Profile

By creating an Access Profile, you can:

  • Link to books, book chapters, and multimedia directly
  • Save favorite content
  • Get remote access and be able sign into an Access collection without going through authentication link
  • Use the Access Mobile app for on the go access to reliable information and resources


Creating an Account

You will only need to create one Access Profile account to use all the McGraw-Hill databases offered by the library.

box from AccessMedicine

  • Click "Create Free Access Profile" in the pop-up box:

Create free Access profile pop-up box to create account for Access collections

Create Free Access Profile form needed to complete account registration

  • Once you have an account, you can sign in at top right of the homepage
  • You can now use the site remotely, bookmark your favorite content, and access interactive review questions