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Collections & Metadata Services: Policies and Strategies

This policy is designed to provide guidance to those who wish to donate in-kind gifts to Gumberg Library.  Individual donors and departments who have clients wishing to donate collections should consult with the AUL for Collections and Metadata Services first about the ability to accept the donation. A “letter of interest” outlining the contents of the gift may also be required.

Due to the high cost of managing and processing gift materials, the Library is not able to accept all in-kind gift offers. Our goal is to acquire materials that are relevant to our collections ensuring that only needed items are accepted and added.

Potential gift items should:

  • Support the university’s current and evolving curriculum and research needs of faculty and students
  • Enhance rare and unique special collections

Materials Considered Inappropriate:

  • Materials that are not in good physical condition, e.g., contain mold or mildew, torn pages, extensive highlighting, stains, and/or water damage. These are potentially harmful to existing collections
  • Materials that require significant restoration, conservation or unique storage, unless accompanied by appropriate funding
  • Gifts which a donor places restrictions that will negatively affect the use of the materials
  • Textbooks
  • Popular trade paperbacks
  • Print journals
  • Outdated media formats such as LPs, cassettes, etc
  • Photo copies/facsimiles of original materials.


Please note that Internal Revenue Service Regulations prohibit the Library from appraising or estimating the value of any gift.  Donors who require an appraisal need to make arrangements to do so with an independent appraiser, and pay for that service themselves before any items can be accepted by the Gumberg Library. 

Donations appraised over $5,000 must also be approved by the University’s Gifts Acceptance Committee and require a completed Deed of Gift (for more information check here).