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ESL Resources for Students: Speaking

ESL Resources for Students is divided into skill areas of language-learning, similar to the kinds of ESL courses at DUQ. Use the guide at your own speed: select just the resources you like best to help you practice.

Items in Gumberg Library

Speaking & Listening Practice at CLP

Want MORE speaking & listening practice?

 Go to the Carnegie Public Library and find:

  • More music, films, audiobooks, and ESL kits
  • More listening & speaking databases: Mango ESL, Little Pim, Muzzy Online, Overdrive
  • Sign up for Let's Speak English

And don't forget... it's FREE.

Karaoke for Pronunciation

Improve your pronunciation (and grammar) with singing!

If you search YouTube for a song title or musician/band and add "lyrics," often you will find the audio track with the words included as a slide presentation. Sing along to improve your pronunciation. Your grammar will also improve, because you will remember certain phrases together (ex. take someone down somewhere in "Strawberry fields Forever").

Not sure which song to look for?

Pandora is FREE when you sign up, and you can see the full lyrics under the album by clicking "Show More."

Here is Billboard's Hot 100 Songs listing. Here are some traditional American songs. Here are some typical American children's songs.

Learning Skills Center

FREE face-to-face conversation practice with a native speaker at DUQ

DUQ's Learning Skills Center offers FREE face-to-face conversation practice with a native speaker. You may discuss a variety of topics to build your vocabulary and increase your English fluency. You may also practice real-life interactions, like getting a cell phone or a FREE public library card.

No ESL homework help. For ESL homework help, please contact Kathy Barnard ( to schedule an appointment with the ESL Tutors.

Michael P. Weber Learning Skills Center

Ground Floor
Administration Building
600 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15282
Phone: 412.396.6026 or 412.396.6027
Monday to Thurs.: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Playing educational games is a fun and effective way to learn anything!

There are many games in the Curriculum Center at the Gumberg Library that help you practice your grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, pronunciation, and more. And you may take them home!

Find Games at Gumberg Library

Phonic Crosswords

Online Speaking Practice

"Conversation" by Offical GDC is Licensed Under CC Attribution 2.0.

Online Pronunciation Help