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ESL Resources for Students: Reading

ESL Resources for Students is divided into skill areas of language-learning, similar to the kinds of ESL courses at DUQ. Use the guide at your own speed: select just the resources you like best to help you practice.

Novels in Gumberg Library

Examples of books in our catalog:

Reading Comprehension Books in the Gumberg Library

News in Levels


Reading and commenting on work together can help to improve your understanding and vocabulary.

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Breaking News English

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Reading and commenting on work together can help to improve your understanding and vocabulary.

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Playing educational games is a fun and effective way to learn anything!

There are many games in the Curriculum Center at the Gumberg Library that help you practice your grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, pronunciation, and more. And you may take them home!

Find Games at Gumberg Library


crosswords, famous Americans

Check out these Online Games:

Online Dictionaries

Not sure what that word means?
Look it up in the Learner's Dictionary!

Learner's Dictionary

Is it an idiom?
Look it up in Dave's ESL Cafe's Idiom Dictionary.

Is it a phrasal verb?
Look it up in ESL Cafe's Phrasal Verb Dictionary.

Online Reading Practice

Smithsonian Institute's
Seriously Amazing

More Books at the Public Library

    Want MORE books to read?

Go to the Carnegie Public Library and find:

  • More books, magazines, e-books, e-magazines, ESL kits
  • Use Overdrive database to find more e-books
  • Sign up for Let's READ English

And don't forget... it's FREE.