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ESL Resources for Students: Getting Started

ESL Resources for Students is divided into skill areas of language-learning, similar to the kinds of ESL courses at DUQ. Use the guide at your own speed: select just the resources you like best to help you practice.


Getting Started

This guide is divided into skill areas of language-learning and are similar to the kinds of ESL courses you are taking at DUQ. Use the blue & red tabs across the top of the page to move through the resource guide.

Use the guide at your own speed

There are many different kinds of resources and links here, and you can select just the ones you like best to help you practice a skill area.

Welcome, English Learners!

Photo by Derek Cashman

Welcome, English learners, to the United States and to Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh is known as the Steel City because of our steel-making past. Imagine that much of our beautiful buildings were completely blackened in soot. But no longer! We cleaned up the environmental polution, and today many of our buildings are certified as "green."

One distinctive feature of our city is the amount of green space, such as Schenley Park and Frick Park, relative to the population and level of development. That is, you could be walking in downtown Oakland among busy streets, tall buildings, and thousands of people, then go a few blocks to Schenley Park and into complete wilderness, where you could see wild deer and turkeys!

Our city has a lot of cultural eventsattractions, and history. We have a long legacy of cultural diversity, which is represented at the Cathedral of Learning's Nationality Rooms. Our closeness to other major cities, such as New York and Chicago and DC, or unique communities, such as the Amish, is a boon to those who would like to see more of the US.

Learn more...

Pittsburgh has a lot to offer--
take the time to learn and experience!

Get a Free Public Library Card

 Why get a FREE public library card?

  • More materials: books, music, films, magazines, audiobooks, e-books, e-magazines, ESL kits
  • More databases: Mango ESL, Little Pim, Muzzy Online, Overdrive
  • More events: Let's Speak English, Let's READ English
  • Ummm... it's FREE!!

How do you get a free public library card?

Go to your nearest public library with both:

  1. Photo ID (ex. your passport)
  2. Proof of PA residency (ex. bills mailed to you, lease agreement for an apartment)

That's all you need!

Need Help? Ask Us!

Ask a Librarian

Email, text, telephone or meet with a Reference Librarian.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Want to talk?

Image is licensed under the CC 4.0 Attribution.

Are you feeling overwhelmed or homesick?

Want to talk to someone who can help?

DUQ's Counseling and Wellbeing Center offers FREE counseling to full-time students. If you would like counseling in your native language, the staff can refer you to a qualified counselor.

Please print and complete the appropriate form before going:

Individual Counseling

Group Counseling