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APA PsycTests

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Obtain your Research Instrument

APA PsycTests is a great place to start to obtain your research instrument, but you may still need to reference other sources.  

Below are links to the common sources you may need to utilize to obtain your research instrument.


Research Guides

Check out these other research guides! They provide information on what to search and where to locate other resources to help in your investigation.

PsycTESTS Links

APA PsycTests Links


  • APA PsycTests
    Click here for the APA website. Includes PDF guides on how to search APA PsycTests.


Gumberg Guides

APA PsycTests

  • APA PsycTests
    An extensive collection of psychological measures, scales, surveys, and other instruments essential to the research needs of professionals, students, and educators across the behavioral and social sciences.