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To begin: type your search term(s) into the boxes.  

►Research Tip: You can search by author, title, and more by clicking on the drop down menu "Select a Field". 


Multiple Search Terms

There are two ways you can search multiple terms.

1.  You can type the different search terms into the boxes provided.

2. You can type the search terms in the same box separated by AND, OR, NOT.  

Research Tip: Having trouble with multiple search terms? Check out the Boolean Searching guide for instructions and practice using multiple search terms.



Limiting Results 

Limiting your results will help you narrow your search and prioritize your results. APA PsycTests allows a number of limiting options that are useful when searching for different research instruments.

Limits available through PsycTESTSLimits available from PsycTESTS

Research Tip: Try adding one or two limits at a time.