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APA PsycTests

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Assess your Research Instrument

When you search APA PsycTests, the results list will include links to a series of test records that will provide most of the information necessary to assess your potential instrument. 

Each APA PsycTests record includes the following:

  • Test profile (name, date, author, publisher, etc.)
  • Full text of the test, when available 
  • Source citations that have developed, reviewed or used test

Refine your Results

You can place limits upon your search from the results page.  Go to "Refine Results" on the left hand side of your results list--from there you can automatically update your results to show limits such as full text, age, year, and language.


Research Tip: The limits you currently have on your search appear as Limiters.

  • For example: My search is limited to English and Middle Age participants.

Full Text

You can go directly to the Full Text of your test by clicking on the PDF Full Test link.

Bipolar Disorder Resilience Questionnaire

Research Tip:  Quick access to the Full Text is great, but make sure to check out the Detailed Record that will provide you with information about the specific test!

Getting the Detailed Record

You can get the Detailed Record (Master Test Record) by clicking on the linked Test Name.

Resilience Questionnaire for Bipolar Disorder

Once the page opens, you will see a Detailed Record that will provide you with:

  • Test Type
  • Purpose
  • Description
  • Test Year
  • Author(s) and Contact Information
  • Instrument Type
  • Format
  • Permissions
  • Fee
  • Reliability/Validity
    • Scroll to the bottom to see more information about the test!

Research Tip: On the Detailed Record page, if the full text is available, you will see a link on the left side of the page to access the full text PDF.


Permissions define what you legally can and cannot do with a test, if a copyright holder needs to be contacted, and how the test may be used. 

There are 5 permission classifications in APA PsycTests:

1. May use for Research/Teaching

2. Contact Corresponding Author

3. Contact Publisher

4. Contact Publisher and Corresponding Author

5. Not Specified - Researchers should contact corresponding author and publisher in this instance.

The APA has stipulated* that the 'May use for Research/Teaching' does cover publication of research that uses a particular test.  Examples of allowed use include: 

  • Administering the test to participants for a school project
  • Publishing the results of research using the test (with a corresponding citation)
  • Offering the test as a diagnostic tool as part of a longer clinical treatment.

Copyright permission from the copyright owner (author and/or publisher) must be confirmed if the test will be used for:

  • Commercial gain
  • Publishing the physical test
  • Publishing the test on the internet

You may not imply or state the that test/instrument is your own original work.  Permission must be obtained through the appropriate copyright owner or an appropriate citation must be used. 

Permission information can be located in 2 locations in APA PsycTests.

1. In the Detailed Record.  This location provides a short permission classification.

screenshot of the permission heading within the Master Test Record

      2. On the Cover Page of the full-text of the test.  This location will provide researchers will an in-depth explanation regarding what the permission classification requirements are and what uses are allowed. 

screenshot of permission classification on the Cover Page of the Full-text of the test

For further information regarding permissions and best practices for contacting authors and publishers see Research Instruments: Getting Permission.