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Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Populations

The scope of this guide is meant to inform all who interact with it on related issues to transgender and gender non-conforming populations.

A light pink gradient background with two abstract designs on the left and right ends depicting the colors of the trans pride flag: light blue, light pink, and white. The title of the guide is in the center, "Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Populations."


This guide works to educate readers on trans identities, and provide current and historical context on legislation, healthcare, and advocacy. The goal of this guide is to bring attention to the unique needs of trans and gender-nonconforming individuals in order to equip readers with the tools they need to work diligently and respectfully with trans populations.



The content in this guide may be considered controversial due to the continued attack on trans individuals and their rights in several states. It should also be noted that some of the language used within this guide may be considered outdated or offensive. As the purpose of this guide is to educate individuals on proper use of terminology and provide historical background on trans identity, the inclusion of this language is necessary to paint a full picture (and provide necessary context). 

Duquesne University maintains an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (Opens New Window) both within the campus community and in embracing diversity in the populations we work with. 


Identities 101

To familiarize yourself with LGBTQIA+ identities, select the letters in the graphic below to see what each letter stands for. The flag/banner that appear for each identity can be selected, and will direct to informational resources pertaining to the selected identity.