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King Arthur and His Knights: Home

Illustration from The Boy's King Arthur, by Sidney Lanier, published by Scribner's, 1922. Illustration by N.C.Wyeth. Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Selected Cambridge Companions

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From Bulfinch's Age of Chivalry

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Online Reference Databases: Literature

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Gale Literature Resource Center

This database provides information on thousands of authors and literary works. It includes biographies, reviews and news, literary criticism, and topic and work overviews.

Literature Online (LION)

Along with the full text of of 350,000 English and American works of literature, this database provides articles from 200 full-text literary journals and other key critical and reference resources.

General Reference Databases

Gumberg Library subscribes to a number of databases of electronic reference works. These cover all subject areas, and in some cases, contain hundreds of specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries and other sorts of reference works. Most of these databases permit you to search all the reference works contained in them at once. This means you do not have to have in mind a particular book to search. Great for getting started with your research.

The tales regarding King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have been immensely popular for centuries. Poets have told and retold the stories and the tales have supplied subjects for visual artists as well. In modern times they have been the subject of operas and big budget movies. Novelists have continued to retell the tales for both adults and children. Arthur's story has even been adapted for newspaper comics and comic books. The stories of Arthur and his knights have also also been, and continue to be, the subject of scholarly inquiry.

This  guide is designed to assist students in researching the (possibly) historical figure of Arthur, the literary and other kinds of artistic works created about him and his knights, and the times in which Arthur (might have) lived. It will point the researcher to many types of information sources available through the Gumberg Library and beyond.

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Reference Works: Celtic Myth

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