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Human Trafficking: Research

Book Cover: From Human Trafficking To Human Rights
Book Cover: Sex Trafficking Inside The Business Of Modern Slavery
Book Cover: Human Trafficking, Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Book Cover: Responding To Human Trafficking
Book Cover: Sex Trafficking, A Clinical Guide For Nurses
Book Cover: Human Trafficking Around The World
Book Cover: Smuggling and Trafficking in Human Beings
DVD Cover: Nefarious
Book Cover: A Crime So Monstrous
Book Cover: Combating Human Trafficking
Book Cover: Trafficking in Human Beings
Book Cover: Trafficking Women's Human Rights

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Because of the interdisciplinary nature of human trafficking more than one database may be needed to locate relevant resources. Below are suggestions of databases available through Gumberg Library:

Most of these databases require current Duquesne University credentials. If you are not affiliated with Duquesne University, find a library near you and ask about access to research databases.

Choosing A Topic

Forming and answering questions is a great way to determine a topic, narrow your search, and produce better results. This can come in the form of Who, What, When, Where, or How background questions. Below are a few examples related to human trafficking: 

  • What industries are commonly associated with human trafficking?
  • Where is human trafficking most prevalent? 
  • When are people most vulnerable to human traffic trafficking?
  • How does human trafficking affect economics and trade?

Human Trafficking In The News

Stay up to date with human trafficking stories with Google News

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