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Resources for Graduate Students

A list of tips and tools for graduate students' research and library needs.

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Dissertations, Theses, and Capstones

Research projects (theses, dissertations, or capstones) vary in their requirements depending on a student's area of study/degree program. See below for library resources on how to submit electronic theses and dissertations and where to find examples of completed works.

Resources and Guidelines

See below for resources on completing and submitting electronic theses and dissertations:

A Gumberg Library Guide on the ETD process, including citation help, instructions for submission, formatting details, and publication information.


Examples of Completed Projects

It may be helpful to refer to some examples of theses, dissertations, or capstones that have been completed. See below for some highlighted routes on finding past dissertations (from DU or from outside of the university):

A Gumberg Library guide on how to locate dissertations and theses using library resources.

This database offers the most extensive collection of dissertations and theses worldwide. Access requires a MultiPass login.